8120_Spherical_World_Globe_Jigsaw_Puzzle_Inprocess_lgThere is something endlessly fascinating about putting any jigsaw puzzle together. Along with the thrill you get at just filling in one piece, the steady and slow process of “building” that picture that you see on the box into a completed work of art is really fun and satisfying. When you finally put that last piece in, very often there is a temptation to make the picture permanent by applying special jigsaw puzzle glue and framing it as a work of art to display on your walls. Many people do that and the outcome can be quite artistic.

df42687224c036b8ec8bc11705df28ecJigsaw puzzle game manufacturers stumbled upon a way to take the existing market for puzzles and adding the element of three-dimensional puzzles to really make them exciting and fascinating. With the added dimensions of height and width, you can literally recreate a statue, a building or any figure using the same principles of jigsaw puzzle construction to literally build that figure in 3d. Instead of seeing the completed puzzle spread across the game table, you literally watch as the puzzle rises from the table into the air. That is fun to enjoy as the puzzle falls together and then to admire when it is done.

ravensburger-3d-jigsaw-puzzle-216-piece-big-ben-1When you do a single dimension jigsaw puzzle, it is common to first complete the edges of the puzzle because it is easy to find parts with flat sides. Then once the frame is done, you can work inward using patterns you see in the frame. But with a 3d puzzle, there is no frame so your strategy has not change completely. Not only that but every puzzle is so unique that you have to virtually create a new strategy with each puzzle so fit the figure you are building.

Like flat jigsaw puzzles, the level of difficulty you can find is diverse. So its always a good move when starting out with 3d puzzles to try a simple one to learn the new skills you will need to put together a more complex puzzle that will take more dedication. 3d jigsaw puzzles combine the skills of jigsaw puzzle mastery with model building. One method you can adapt from standard jigsaw puzzle construction is building sections of the puzzle to be mounted on the base that is growing as you complete each section.

This also is a great way to do a puzzle as a family or with friends. Each person can take a section and complete it to contribute to the completed puzzle. But whether you are taking on a 3d puzzle alone or as a group activity, you may find 3d puzzles even more addictive than flat jigsaw puzzles. But that isn’t a bad thing at all.